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Porte Bangle 14k Yellow Gold


Step into a world of timeless elegance with the Porte jewellery collection. Inspired by the graceful brass door knockers of Buenos Aires, this collection is a journey through time and space designed to evoke memories of a special moment in your life.

Crafted from highly polished yellow gold, each piece in the collection is a portal to a unique moment in your story. As you adorn yourself with a Porte jewel, you'll be transported to a cherished memory, celebrated through the intricate details of the piece.

Part 1 of the collection boasts a sophisticated, sentimental aesthetic, inviting investment in timeless pieces to streamline your wardrobe of everyday essentials. With its refined, smart style, the Porte collection is the perfect choice for the modern, discerning woman.

So, let yourself be transported to another time and place with Porte, and let your jewellery tell the story of your most cherished moments.

14k Yellow Gold

*Price may vary based on market price of gold

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