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If modern femininity is an amalgam of the delicate and the strong, then welcome to the celebration of this contrast in jewellery. TORI•XO is defined by a distinctively elegant texture, created by pressing vintage French lace into silver and gold. The result is unique, romantic, and as multifaceted as the women who wear it.

Founder and designer Tori Poynton hand-fashions each piece in her oceanfront Nova Scotia studio. Her jewellery is both inspired by her global travels, and recognized by the world’s fashion trendsetters. She was one of the country’s top three designers in the ​Birks x ET Canada ​design contest; and in 2016 was awarded Product Line of the Year at the Canadian Jeweller Magazine Awards of Excellence. Her work has been featured in ​British Vogue, Fashion Magazine​; and she counts artists Jill Barber and Taylor Swift as clients.

Poynton has recently returned from Paris, after showcasing her debut fine jewellery collection during Haute Couture Week.

Brand mission: Empowering women by helping them feel effortlessly elegant, every day.

Core brand values: Craftsmanship, Design, Community, 

Craftsmanship: From original sketch to finished jewellery, each piece is carefully and skillfully fashioned by hand.

Design: Working with the finest precious metals, gem, and vintage lace suppliers, TORI•XO offers original designs with an elegant and polished aesthetic. 

Community: TORI•XO gives back to the community through the donation of specific designs.

All TORI•XO jewellery is 100% Canadian, sustainably made with materials sourced in Canada. 

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or call: +1 902 403 8074 (AST) Nova Scotia, Canada

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Photo courtesy of Lindsay Duncan | Video produced by Kevin Fraser and Melani Wood