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Happy New Year!

2013 was a tremendous year of travel and inspirations for TORI.XO.

Starting the year on the beaches of Florianopolis, Brazil. Inspirations came to me freely as I walked along the beaches, soaking up sun and dipping my toes in the  ocean. Looking out to the horizon where little islands pop out of the ocean, the sun beaming down, sparkling on the water, droplets of water rolling into the golden sand. 

Here, the Floripa collection was born.

Earlier adventures had taken me to the most Northern part of Argentina to the mines of Wanda. I found the most azur of blue aquamarines that would later form the water droplet in my Ripples collection. 

The adventures extended further across the globe to my home town in Australia...

Juan Cruz and I got married on a beach North of Sydney. It was a magical ceremony where friends and family visited from around the world. 

Instead of saying goodbye to our friends and family who visited from afar for the traditional honeymoon, we embarked on a  'familymoon'. All guests ventured up the coast of Australia. We stayed in the town of Torrington, home of the deep blue Australian Sapphire and inspiration to one of my 2013 collections, TOR. 

Tor's are beautiful boulders that naturally sit atop another 'tor' in perfect balance. By observing their organic shapes, and studying how sapphires come from deep within the earths surface, this lead to the spirally and boulderesque sapphire collection.


Sometimes inspiration comes as a spark, a dream or a vivid imagination. I awoke one summers morning to a vision of a beautiful pendant. A necklace that just had to be made. The flow was like water, the shape 3 dimensional like nothing i had made before. Organic & geometrical. 

I sketched my dream as best I could, and set sail to my studio to make this now award winning piece "Mermaids Amulet". (this collection is to be launched in North America Spring, 2014)


Today I find myself back in Australia. My childhood home. I go on daily snorkells to Palm Beach. Below the surface of the water I find myself mesmerised in another universe. The green sea grass flows with the swell over the giant rocks on the sea bed. Taking a closer look I dive to the oceans floor and see forests of coral and algae creating homes for fish and sea creatures to play in. 

Looking back to the surface and world above, bubbles catch the reflections of the sun. A dolphins playground, a mermaids quarters...

A jewellers dream.


2014 Sea inspired collections are in the design phase. Keep your eyes posted on #instagram #facebook and online shop for details on how you can purchase these collections.


Where does your inspiration come from??



Behind the scenes of our "Give A Little" Video

This weekend was the weekend we had been waiting for...

Months of planning, sewing, hammering, singing & creative collaboration went into shoot the much anticipated and first ever of its kind: "Give a Little" music video. 

We arrived to location midday Saturday. And what a location it was.

Mastermind behind the dreamy "Shanti' house, Omar Gandhi was on set to greet us.

Here we filled the rooms with our creative team...

The lovely girls behind J & R Grimsmo, Jessy and Rachael filled the closets with creations from their store and own line.

Victoria Bouchard and Charlotte Gavaris worked their magic make-up wands to create beatnik style hair and make-up on the gorgeous cast we had for the shoot.

Our brilliant director Scott Simpson had his team of film crew doing their thing (It was my first time on a set like this and I'll never look at a music video or film the same after all the work that goes into it!!!)

Singer songwriter sensation, Erin Costello, graced us with her performance of the title song "Give a Little".                  Styled by J & R Grimsmo in a glamorous floor length velvet wrap dress accompanied with a one of a kind Vinyl record by yours truly TORI.XO and debuting the Solaris earrings.

I had the pleasure of styling more than a dozen beauties on set with the latest from the TORI.XO collections and some all time favourites. 

Here are a handful of behind the scenes snaps, until we update you on the release of the video.

A million thank you's to all who helped make this happen.

You know who you are.

XO's from Tori & the Give a Little team


The stunning Leanne Hoffman (of Magnolia) debuting the TORI.XO 'Solaris' collection

We all thought she looked like an Egyptian goddess in this headpiece

Danielle on set wearing the Filete necklace. Beauty.

Catherine modelling the exclusive 'Give a Little' sterling record earrings and Pendant

Make up magician woking her magic wand on the star of the set Erin Costelo.

We all kept warm on the chilly day in front of this floating you do!

And Director Scott Simpson keeps an eye on production making sure everything looks tip top!


For further updates on this project please visit:



Bonjour Paris !

I have returned from Paris and to my blog.

By now, most of you know of my Love of Travelling that inspires most of my collections.
And the Vintage Lace that textures the TORI.XO silver.

Last week I had the pleasure of returning to Paris.
It goes without saying, this city will always fill my sketchbooks with new designs,
but there is one key element I source when I get there: the Chantilly Lace

My very first inspirations for the TORI.XO collections came from a piece of lace that I found in a Parisian flea market about 7 years ago. Originally handmade in Chantilly over 100 years ago. This piece of lace has driven the heart and soul of over 120 TORI.XO pieces.

You may remember this picture from back in 2011, while buying my lace supplies from this lovely lady.

This is from last week's reunion with my beautiful Lace supplier who remembers me after 2 years.

Here are some of the treasures I bought to introduce into the next collections:

About the lace

The lace is very delicate. Many people ask me if it can be used again once pressed into the silver.

The answer is that it can be used only once, which makes every TORI.XO piece unique. The lace is old and has so much history, yet once used, the memory of the 100 year old hand made lace is preserved and brought back to life, in its jewellery form, given a new meaning to the wearer.

Here are the bobbins being sold at the Parisian Flea Market, used to make the lace. 
And some tools I found to hammer our the silver jewels and lace...

New inspiration

This time around I visited the Monet gardens in Giverny.

Monet, a master of Impressionism, built his own gardens and designed his own ponds in his house at Giverny. He then went on to create his very own masterworks that moves millions of souls today, the water lilies series.

These gardens moved me deeply and I found my own inspirations in the roses, poppies and lily pads...

Where jewellery meets inspiration

Returning to the city from a trip out into country side Paris, I took a walk in my all time favourite neighbourhood, St Germain.

It was here two years ago I drew my inspiration for the French Door Knocker Collection

And I stumbled upon one of the very brass door knockers that was the inspiration for the:


Now, I'll sit in my studio for the next couple of months, designing, prototyping and hammering out the new collections. 

Dreaming of my next adventure...

Keep your eyes posted here, on our Facebook Page, twitter and Intsagram @torixojewelry

Tori xo

Halifax Crafters : Spring Fair

Hello TORI.XO supporters,
I am back in Halifax after an adventurous start to 2013.

What to expect at the show :

The FLORIPA Collection

I started this year in Brazil, where I sourced some gorgeous gems to be included in this year's collections. 

And thus the "FLORIPA" Collection was born, along the shores of the tropical island of Florianopolis.


On the 21st of March I got married in Australia. We honeymooned country side Australia in a little village called 'Torrington' named after the Tors (beautiful round boulders that balance atop each other - and just so happen to have my name included in them!).

From here I drew inspiration for my TOR collection, introducing Australian mined and cut sapphires of the deep blue variety.

All these collections and more are going to be launched at the not to be missed Spring Halifax Crafters Market THIS weekend, May 4 and 5th.


There'll also be gift ideas for mothers day including the IWK pendant the auxiliary and I collaborated on. ALL profits go back to the families of the IWK. And as always, the Nepal Orphans Home Pendants. 100% proceeds go directly to the Nepal Orphans Home where my mum and I volunteered last year.


There is one more project you'll be introduced to at the Crafters. I have collaborated with 4 other Halifax artists in creating a music video. We need all the help we can to get this project on the go and there are exclusive rewards for all who support. 

I am making a limited edition run of 'Vinyl Record' pendants, pins and rings ranging from $30-$150.


See you at the show !

So come on down this weekend, say hello to me as I've missed all your beautiful faces since being away,

And get some of the latest TORI.XO designs whilst you're there....

TORI•XO Jewellery Party 2012



TORI.XO will celebrate its Fifth Annual Jewelry Show
with an exclusive preview on November 23 
and an event open to the public on November 24, 2012.
The even will be hosted at 1313 Hollis Street in Halifax, NS. (view in map)
All TORI.XO collections including the new line, Lock, will be on display and available for purchase.


Thank you from Nepal Orphans Home

Hello again,

As anticipated, I have returned from one of my most inspirational trips to date:

7 days at The Nepal Orphans Home (NOH), Kathmandu.

While in this beautiful land, I met some the most loving, adorable and warm hearted kids.

The 139 girls and boys from Nepal Orphans Home are an inspiration to myself and my mum. I will be forever grateful that they have allowed me to share their beautiful country and influence my perspective on life.

Last, I want to single out a few of the many individuals who generously donated to this cause, by purchasing the NOH pendants and rings:

Alice, Kerry, Kylie, Prue, Michelle, Stacey, Andrea, Laura, Jeanne, Jaimielle, Cayla, Kyla, Jaclyn, Pam, Megan, Sam, Caroline, Alexis, Nicola, Grace, Elise...

In the coming days, I will continue to post more images and brief stories of this wonderful experience.

So please keep an eye on this blog, and help us spread the word and raise funding for this wonderful cause

If you are interested in volunteering and travel to Nepal, or if you'd like to make a direct donations to NOH, please visit :

And if you'd like to purchase any of the NOH TORI.XO pieces, you can look at both of them here:

(All proceeds are entirely sent to NOH, all production costs are waived and paid for by TORI.XO)

During the next few weeks, you will be able to read more posts about this incredible trip, the lovely children who live at NOH and the selfless volunteers who work there.

So please re-tweet, facebook share, and keep your eye on this page for new posts about our experience at the orphanage. And how your contributions can make a significant difference in the lives of these kids !!!!


Tori xo

XO's for Nepal

Hello TORI.XO Supporters,

I am excited to announce I'll be joining my amazing mum on her third trip to Nepal; we will be volunteering at NOH, the Nepal Orphans Home this October.

As some of you know, last year I designed the Nepal Orphans Home Pendants.
Thanks to your help I was able to raise $1,000 in just a couple of months.

Here is a photo of the Pendant, and one of the girls wearing it (after a fun day of painting)

This year I decided to pair the NOH Pendant with a new ring design that would also speak about the orphanage's mission and the Nepalese culture.

Inspired by the meditational roots of Nepal, I created the OM rings.

If you guys help me spread the word, I would LOVE to arrive to Nepal with a total donation of $2,000.  

We only have a couple of weeks, but I know we can do it!

The Pendants are $50, and the Rings are $100

ALL proceeds will go directly to the Nepal Orphans Home

So if we sell 10 rings and 20 Pendants we will have reached our goal!!!

Please, use your Facebook and your Pinterest and even your Twitter powers.

And if you would like to get one yourself, you can do so here:

If you are in Australia I'll be visiting Sydney at the end of September and can deliver the goods then (please select you shipping method as 'picking the piece up directly').

If you are in Canada  you are most welcome to drop by the studio to pick up your selection,
or I can mail it to you if you are out of province.

And for all you international peeps please send me an e-mail for shipping info!
You are all amazing in supporting such a beautiful cause.

I am really excited to meet the children in person and will bring back many stories for you all.

Thank you so so much for your support!

Tori xo

Welcome to!

Hello and welcome to our online store

We are pleased to announce our jewels are now available worldwide.

We'll be updating our blog page with new collections, updates on our travels and inspiration for upcoming collections. 

Please make sure to share this web-store with all your friends across the globe : )

Thanks for your support!

Tori xo

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